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Write Char Entity(Char) to write a character entity, erload: System. This is a more sophisticated version of the erload: System. Write Attribute String to write an attribute, or you can write a child element. // Create the First Name and Last Name elements Xml Schema Element first Name Elem = new Xml Schema Element(); first Name Elem. The content of elements and attributes is defined by their types.

You can create a validating Xml Reader instance by using the Xml Reader Settings class and the Create method.December 4, 2002 Priya Lakshminarayanan Despite the many articles explaining W3C XML Schema (WXS), it's not enough to discuss WXS as a specification only. SOM is a rich API which allows developers to create, edit, and validate schemas programmatically -- one of the few such tools available so far.Educational materials should also discuss tools which aid the development of XML applications which employ WXS. SOM operates on schema documents analogously to the way DOM operates on XML documents.Open); var validating = new Xml Validating Reader(reader, Xml Node Type. I also made sure that when I add the schema in my C# the target namespace matches. Settings = settings; Hmm...apparently I didn't have my Validation event hooked up properly. Element, null); // Removed 3 other XSDs to simplify a bit, but are included in the real code schema. In the code I show above I manually set the name but in the real code I extract the target Namespace from the XSD and use that. As soon as I re-connected it, I get the same exact errors being reported. For example, to indent element nodes:code reference: Xml Writer_v2#8Use the Xml Writer Settings.


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